Liability Insurance for Business

Liability Insurance

As a business, you have a duty of care to your customers, your staff and the public – and the sale is just the beginning. Once your products are sold, they are out in the world and beyond your control. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself, and your business, from claims of damage or injury that may arise from your products.

We work with you to find the right, affordable solution that delivers peace of mind.

What is Public and Product Liability cover?

Public liability insurance covers your legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage in the event that you or your business is found negligent. And that could be as simple as someone slipping on your floor to a product malfunctioning and causing an accident or injury.


Who needs protection?


All businesses that manufacture, wholesale, provide a service, or allow access to the public, employs staff…in short, every business.


Product liability insurance protects against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied by your business. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – no product is risk-free. So it’s up to every business to make sure their insurance covers them adequately.


How can you ensure your business is protected?


When a claim is made against your business or one of your products, your reputation and financial security are at stake. And because not every product or business is the same, it’s important to have someone in the know, in your corner when you’re organising your cover, to ensure you’re protected – and that’s where we can help.

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Business Insurance

Business insurance can become complicated and requires the consideration of various elements within your business including your products, services, employees, customers, and any other third parties involved in your business – plus more. The more we get to know your business and how you operate it, the better equipped we are to assist you in finding the right business insurance policy options for you

At Add Insure, we’ve cultivated long term partnerships with many small to medium business owners across Australia. Our risk advisers have both the experience and in-depth knowledge in a range of different business industries. From insurance for small businesses to large companies, we can help you navigate the most suitable options for you. Add Insure are your team of risk advisers who truly listen and respond to the needs of our business owners, regardless of size or industry.

Business Liability & Business Contents Insurance

All businesses take on a certain degree of liability, whether it’s for your customers, the products or services you provide, your employees or interactions with third parties. To minimise these business liability risks, the safest route is to invest in insurance policy coverage that gives comprehensive protection in the event someone gets harmed due to your business’ operations.


Business contents insurance is your safety net, protecting you from damages to your business’ contents; stock, equipment, office furniture, buildings, and more. These ‘contents’ really can encompass a wide range of things depending on the type of your business and the industry you operate in. To get the appropriate level of business contents insurance cover for your needs, speak to one of our risk advisers at Add Insure today.

Business Property Insurance

Insuring the property your business operates from complements the insuring of your business’s day-to-day operations. Your property could be at risk of fires, storms, flooding, glass breakage, or other accidental mishaps on the job.


In any case, Add Insure's business property insurance coverage can help ensure there are minimal business interruptions, and get you back to business as usual, in no time.

Business Insurance Policy

Your business insurance policy outlines all the important, small details about your insurance cover. At Add Insure, we focus on empowering you with all the necessary knowledge about your insurance policy and keep open lines of communication every step of the way. We squarely focus on empowering you and advocating for your risks to be managed safely and securely.

Business Insurance Quotes

The quickest way to get a rough estimate of what your business insurance cover will look like is through a requested quote. Add Insure are experienced risk advisers who have in-depth knowledge within a range of industries, so requesting a quote is a good first step towards finding the right insurance cover for your business. Quotes won’t give you the full picture of everything you may need insurance for, so it’s best to speak to our team at Add Insure to get more accurate information on your insurance covers and rates.

Business Insurance Cost

By getting the right level of insurance, your business insurance costs end up being a worthwhile and valuable investment for your business. The rates for business insurance covers vary according to factors such as your business operations, industry, location, size, and more. Add Insure can help take you through what you’ll need to expect when taking out business insurance in simple, accurate, and understandable terms.

Business Insurance Company

Add Insure are your risk advisers, advocates, and your partners. We’re a business insurance company that approaches your concerns with the aim to establish long term and valuable business relationships. As an aspiring Brokerage, we continue to proudly meet the insurance needs of business owners and ensure peace of mind no matter what insurable event occurs.