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Workers Compensation Insurance

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can take place in any workplace. For when these events do happen, it’s important to make sure that all parties are covered – not just your employees.

Our Workers Compensation Consultants can assist in ensuring the interests of your organisation are protected.

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What is Workers Compensation cover?

Workers compensation insurance provides a safety net for employees who sustain an injury and/or illness during the course of employment.

Who needs protection?

All businesses that employ staff with an annual payroll over $7,500 are obligated to have a policy in place*. Not having the relevant insurance cover can leave your organisation exposed and unprotected from punitive measures.

How can you ensure you're protected?

Workers Compensation cover is both compulsory, and non-compliance punitive consequences can be severe – significantly impacting the financial health of your business. Organisations have a duty to ensure there are systems and processes in place to meet compliance standards and Work Cover guidelines, to facilitate cost-effective and efficient management of your business.

How can you protect yourself?

Speak to one of our workers compensation consultants today to make sure you have the appropriate cover in place, minimising risk exposure and potential costs to your business.